The Value of Video Marketing for Your Practice or ASC

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The Next Step in Practice & ASC Marketing

Video content has proven itself as a powerful tool for healthcare providers.

Video Marketing

Have you considered video?

Has your practice or ASC thought about incorporating, or increasing your usage of video content for promotion and patient education?

Traditional approaches to marketing your practice or ASC are continually evolving, like technology and standard practices. Despite the ongoing changes, the proven results of these currently common marketing tactics remain vital to promoting your location. The changing landscape has left many with the question, “What is the best way to promote my practice or ASC?”

For many, the answer has become the increased integration of video into their marketing plans. Research has shown that visitors to a website prefer watching videos rather than reading large blocks of text.

According to, video content has shown improvement in engagement, reach, and brand trust. Below are some statistics provided by the site that showcase how strong video content can assist you:

  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when watching a video, compared to 10% when reading text.
  • When there is a video overlay on the screen, there is an 80% chance that viewers will look at it.
  • Visual content is processed by the human brain 60,000x faster than text alone.

Patient Reach and Building Trust

One significant advantage to the use of video as a tool for promotion is a vastly increased reach compared to traditional blog posts or other current marketing efforts. As a result, your content impacts a broader audience, leading to increased patient volume and improved recruiting efforts.

Along with increased reach, video content improves brand trust with consumers (your patients). In today’s internet age, patients are far more likely to perform independent research before reaching out to schedule a visit to your location. The addition of video content helps practices and ASCs showcase their staff while also demonstrating expertise and creating the basis of a relationship with potential new patients.

In healthcare, one common form of video content is patient testimonials. In this format, patients tell their experiences with their healthcare provider. For potential patients, hearing stories directly from a source ( a current patient) rather than written on a site in text by your staff provides a considerable boost in brand trust. It can become a valuable tool in increasing patient volume.

Patient Education

Similarly to adding videos to improve brand trust, this format can also be used for patient education as a means to replace typical printed pamphlets and packets. Many providers have switched to digital content, utilizing their patient hub to provide education on diseases, surgeries, services, and staff.  

Choosing to embrace video content for your website and patient portal opens to door to continuing education and the opportunity to reach a larger audience, impacting your patient volume and physician recruitment efforts.

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