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Advancing Specialty Care

SCA Health is committed to supporting our orthopedic physician partners by providing resources and support to allow for high-quality healthcare and positive patient outcomes.

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Quick Summary:

SCA Health assists orthopedic surgeons by offering a lower-cost and safe ASC enviornment with specialized staff and support.

As healthcare navigates a shift in preferred site of care away from hospital outpatient departments (HOPDs) and into ambulatory surgery centers, SCA Health is here to offer an improved experience for physicians and patients alike. With advanced technology, a network of 320+ surgical locations, and assistance in compliance and staffing, we offer physicians independence, while maintaining the support needed to deliver high-quality care.

Reduced Costs for Orthopedic Patients

Unlike HOPD’s, SCA Health ASCs offer a more convenient, cost-effective alternative to patients. A smaller, easier to find location reduces the need for patients to travel, and often provides a lower cost of care, along with reduced costs to insurance providers.

Today’s patients demand transparency in the treatment they receive, including the financial burden associated with seeing their orthopedic physician. By performing your procedures in an SCA Health-affiliated center, you can ensure your patients that they will receive the high-quality care they deserve. Additionally, they will not incur insurmountable medical bills as a result.

Physician & Patient Benefits

ASCs also provide benefits to physicians, such as a lower risk patient population. Patients suited for care in an ASC environment typically are healthy with few comorbidities. They also face a lower threat of encountering unrelated health risks, such as being near sick patients in a hospital waiting room. As a result of working in a specialized center with experienced SCA Health staff and lower-risk patients, physicians can perform their procedures more efficiently, with improved turnaround times. Patients who receive care at an ASC typically also have shorter recovery times, allowing them to return to their normal lives faster with fewer complications.

A Safer Environment for Care

Our surgical centers offer a safe and clean environment, in compliance with state and federal regulations, along with our own guidelines. These measures are implemented to ensure patients leave satisfied and in better health. Financially, physicians can also leverage the economy of scale, helping to further reduce surgical costs. This, in turn, improves accessibility to patients who may otherwise be unable to afford care.  

If you are an orthopedic physician, here’s why you should consider performing your procedures in an SCA Health ASC:

  • Reduced costs for you, your patients, and payors
  • A safe enviornment for lower-risk patients with few comorbidities
  • Specialized, experienced staff to assist in providing care

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