QUICK READ: Pew Study Shows Some Patients Still Wary on Use of AI in Healthcare

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Patients unsure of artificial intelligence in healthcare

Research shows a majority of Americans are still uncomfortable with the use of artificial intelligence when receiving care from their doctor.

Doctors using AI to help treat patients

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A recent Pew Research study has shown that a majority of Americans remain uncomfortable with the use of AI technology in their care plans.

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What Is It?: A February 2023 Pew Research Center study revealed that a significant number of Americans feel uneasy about doctors utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. The study found that six-in-ten Americans expressed discomfort with their doctor relying on AI for disease diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Why Is It Important?: Today’s healthcare landscape is filled with the use of advanced technology utilizing artificial intelligence. With continuing improvements, physicians and care providers will rely more heavily on these AI-assisted devices in documenting, tracking, and delivering care.

What Is the Cause?: Pew’s study reports that the majority of surveyed patients (57%) believe the use of AI would deteriorate the patient-doctor relationship. Others added that they fear the rapid implementation of these devices will lead to increased security concerns (37%) and not fully understanding the risk to patients (75%).

How Can It Be Solved?: One way to improve the perception of AI in healthcare is through continued research and patient education. Furthermore, the use of these tools to provide care will only increase, and showcasing their effectiveness and strengths will help patients better understand their usage and benefits.

To read the full study from the Pew Research Center, click here.

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