North Carolina’s Health Innovation Value Enterprise (HiVE) Partnership

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SCA Health Joins NC HiVE Partnership

SCA Health is partnering with EmergeOrtho and OrthoCarolina to advance value-based orthopedic care in North Carolina.

HiVE Partnership

SCA Health is working to advance value-based care in North Carolina

Three leading healthcare organizations in North Carolina – EmergeOrtho, OrthoCarolina, and SCA Health – are working together to advance value-based care in the orthopedics space to increase the quality of care and reduce the overall cost of care for both patients and health plans. We are bringing together our collective expertise in delivering high-quality, coordinated patient care and developing innovative, fully accountable care programs with health plans, governments, employers, and others.

The partnership, called the Health Innovation Value Enterprise (HiVE), aims to take complete financial responsibility for the entire healthcare journey of patients who need orthopedic care in North Carolina. By promoting seamless communication, sharing of best practices, and evidence-based protocols, we are enhancing patient care coordination among orthopedic specialists, primary care providers, and other health care professionals involved in a patient’s treatment journey.

EmergeOrtho and OrthoCarolina are highly regarded leaders in the field of orthopedics in North Carolina. Both are known for their exceptional patient care, advanced treatment options, and innovative, groundbreaking research. SCA Health brings its specialty care expertise and enterprise ecosystem, including eight North Carolina ambulatory surgical centers. The combined footprint of these organizations’ partnership currently reaches more than one-half of the state’s orthopedic patients.

HiVE of the Carolinas is committed to collaborating with insurers, government agencies, employers, and other stakeholders to develop value-based payment models that incentivize high-quality care, reward positive patient outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs. 

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