QUICK READ: 5 Reasons to Move Your CV Procedures to an ASC

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Moving cardiovascular care to an ASC

Ambulatory surgery centers offer a variety of benefits to patients and providers. Below are 5 reasons physicians should move their procedures into an ASC.

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The ongoing shift from hospital outpatient departments to ambulatory surgery centers brings lower costs, improved efficency, and more.

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The shift in site of care across the healthcare field has been a long, ongoing process that has varied in speed depending on the specialty. Cardiovascular (CV) care has taken a more deliberate approach, slowing the movement out of hospital outpatient departments (HOPD) and into ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). Below are 5 reasons to consider moving your cardiovascular procedures to an ASC:

Reduced Costs

ASCs offer patients and payors a reduction in price in comparison to a hospital. This in turn benefits ASC physicians and staff, as they can utilize lower prices to increase patient volume and patient satisfaction.


Unlike large hospital campuses, ASCs provide a smaller, easier to locate center, offering convenient locations that save time for patients traveling to receive care. As a result, patients are less stressed and provide higher satisfaction scores.  

Strong Relationships

A smaller ASC staff means patients can bond more closely with their doctor and nurses, creating a more comforting atmosphere through repeated interactions.

Increased Quality

Accreditation and quality standards for ASCs remain rigid, no matter their location. Additionally, specialized centers focused on specific procedures become more efficient over time, resulting in improved patient outcomes.    

Improved Efficiency

Patients in ASCs are typically low risk, with few comorbidities, making procedures easy and operations efficent. This allows for a quick turnaround times and improved volume, benefiting physicians and patients.

How does SCA Health help?   

We are more than just an ASC management company, we have a broader vision. Our aim is to ensure that all our 11,300+ teammates are working toward one goal: improving specialty care. As a result, we provide support and resources to physicians caring for patients in each of our 320+ surgical locations.  

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