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On the job training

SCA Health nurses interested in growing within their position can take part in our unique program to gain the skills to succeed in a stressful operating room environment.

SCA Health’s Peri-Operative Program

SCA Health is proud to support the continuing education and training for our nurse teammates who provide vital support in an OR environment.

When you enter an operating room (OR) for surgery, do you think about your nurses? Are they prepared or experienced in your procedure? Moreover, do you believe they understand the steps needed to complete a successful procedure?

At SCA Health, we aim to ensure that every patient and surgeon in one of our many ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) can rest assured with the knowledge that their nurses are ready and able to provide the highest quality care.

A Unique Opportunity

Released in 2018, our Peri-Operative 101 course assists SCA Health nurses interested in developing and mastering the skills and knowledge needed to work in a dynamic OR environment. As of November 2022, 197 nurses have graduated from the program. This accomplishment has provided them with a new layer of expertise to operate in one of our 320+ surgical facilities.

“It (the course) provided me with an awesome foundation for working in the OR, where I hope to be for a good, long while,” Rebecca Eikom, RN, OR Circulator at Surgical Specialty Center of Minnesota, said in a May interview for ASC Focus.

Expanded Benefits

Surgeons also reap the rewards of actively working with course graduates. Moreover, with additional confidence in their support staff, surgeons can focus more on providing high-quality healthcare, with less time spent managing others during surgery.

This combination results in improved patient outcomes from those who trust our ASC staff to deliver quality results. Indeed, an experienced, cohesive, and well-trained team work together to ensure each patient receives the care they demand and deserve.

Combating the Nursing Shortage

As the United States continues to battle a severe nursing shortage following the COVID-19 pandemic, our peri-operative 101 course has allowed us to attract new teammates. Furthermore, it provides additional resources to our current staff.

Nurses looking for a pivot within their career field can complete this course and graduate with the skills to take on a new, fast-paced, exciting environment. These opportunities can help reduce burnout’s effects, a primary reason noted as a cause of the nationwide shortage.

Providing New Experiences

Our peri-operative course allows our nurse teammates to change the direction of their careers and expand into a dynamic environment. They can be confident that they have the skills necessary to excel in the OR.

SCA nurses interested in participating in the course should email Kelly Kapp at

To learn more about SCA Health’s Peri-Operative 101 course, click here.


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